Monday, March 06, 2006

Linha da Beira Alta... Beira Alta Railroad Line...


I like to see it lap the miles,

And lick the valleys up,
And stop to feed itself at tanks;
And then, prodigious, step

Around a pile of mountains,
And, supercilious, peer
In shanties by the sides of roads;
And then a quarry pare

To fit its sides, and crawl between,
Complaining all the while
In horrid, hooting stanza;
Then chase itself down the hill

And neigh like Boanerges;
Then, punctual as a star,
Stop - docile and omnipotent -
At its own stable door.

Emily Dickinson


claudia said...

I am so glad that you've updated your blog. Through M. P.'s influence I have become a regular here. Loved the photos and the poem. Emily Dickinson is one of my favourite poets, she has such an extraordinary talent!

M.P. said...

Hi! Saw you came back to blogging again! Very nice pics and the Poem by Emily Dickinson is matches them just right!
Till one of these days.. :)**

Anonymous said...

já fazias falta!
não comento o poema,mas a poesia da imagem.

Anonymous said...


a ternura dos animais irracionais!
será que são?