Saturday, March 25, 2006

Lady in black...

Lady in black

All in black and covered hair,
She walked in long and quick strides;
A peculiar and energetic old pace,
Hands dangling on her sides
And a sense of urgency in her face,
Determined to get quickly somewhere…


M.P. said...

Like this pic indeed!
Interesting character! I don't know what makes me come to the idea of getting back to Middle Ages! Some secs past I came to realise she could be a gipsy widow!
Anyway.. must say you're lucky with your pic "victims"..LOL **

claudia said...

Superb pic! There are so many ladies in black in Porto. I also really enjoyed the text, very appropriate! Nice work! bjs

henrique doria said...

Cigana, com toda a certeza.Tão habituada a vaguear, que os seus passos só podem ser dominadores. Beijos.