Wednesday, July 12, 2006

portuguese feline version of "the lady and the tramp"

Luna and "Gordo" (he is an old friend of mine) met recently in the country, she a

New Yorker from Long Island living now in Porto, a house cat, he a country boy

from Beira Alta, who walks around the village.

It is interesting to see how animals relate: she hissed at him and he was very

intimidated by her, this beautiful white persian... he probably never saw one

before! They didn't get too close but enjoyed looking at each other and being

around each other for about two weeks. She had a great time but got home

to Porto infested with fleas!!!!!!!!


M.P. said...

LOOL... Indeed!! This relationship must be controlled, Missie! With fleas or with no fleas I bet they are missing each other now!! LOL... Love the pics! And the text is a very clear account of what you interrupted!! ;)**

claudia said...

Just love your feline version of the lady and the tramp! Both lady and tramp are beautiful! Pity that Luna got back home infested with fleas, but I'm sure she's now got a new friend! bjs